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Music Business Hacks

Jul 27, 2019

Today's interview is with Katie Zaccardi.

Katie Zaccardi is a songwriter, artist, music industry professional, and certified yoga instructor. Through her work in both music and wellness, along with her own experience with a generalized anxiety disorder, Katie discovered the urgent need for conversation surrounding mental health and self care within the music industry. Realizing the music industry’s demand for honest discussion on such topics as mental and physical wellbeing, Katie established Out To Be. Out To Be advocates a balanced path to personal and professional success that is grounded in wellness. At its core is the idea that what you set out to do, you turn out to be; that no matter where you begin, you make your own way to the most authentic you. The OutToBe Podcast invites listeners to engage with insightful dialogue on all things wellness and their relation to working in music. Through the Out To Be Coaching platform, Katie  supports artists and professionals with a personalized approach centered on cultivating positive actions & attitudes.

Resources and Links:

Katie Zaccardi (official website)
Katie's 1:1 coaching
The Out To Be Podcast:
Out to Be Facebook Group (with the Time Management challenge)
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