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Music Business Hacks

Sep 27, 2018

In this episode, I sit down with Elizabeth to answer questions about her career: everything from diversifying revenue streams to increasing effectiveness in her marketing. Chances are that many of the questions she had are also relevant to you as well! About Elizabeth: Singer, songwriter, pianist…a true artist, Elizabeth Eckert was discovered by five-time Grammy Award Winning producer Paul Worley, who upon hearing her for the first time declared she “bends music to her will, note by note.” Her indie-pop sound is reminiscent of Ingrid Michelson with the added "realness" of Sheryl Crow. Elizabeth's training as a pianist started at the age of 3 and culminated in a performance at Carnegie Hall as a teenager, and her career is an inspiring example of classical training with commercial success. A proud graduate of Indiana University as shown in her first single "Bloomington," Elizabeth appears at IU events regularly, and can usually be found on a sailboat when she's not making music. Be sure to check out her work here:
More information about artist consultation work I do here.
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